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Last weekend we held the first round of this academic year’s CyberCenturion. With seven teams, this year really is shaping up to be our biggest and best year yet. See the results below:

Our cohort of teams for CyberCenturion IX

Three of our teams gained the full 200 points

  • CyberAces (CCIX-0001): 1st overall
  • I Am Root (CCIX-0115): 3rd overall, top junior team
  • Cyber Dragons (CCIX-0213): 9th overall (our first ever all-girls team)

Another three teams all earned 75% or above:

  • The Toast Mine of Cookies (CCIX-0002): 163 points (81st)
  • $udo (CCIX-0146): 160 points (86th)
  • CyberLeviathans (CCIX-0003): 153 points (96th)

And our team of newcomers got over 60%:

  • The Cubes (CCIX-0068): 135 points (128th)

250 teams took part in total this weekend over the UK, Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories, 7 of which are from the Isle of Man. For our teams to place 1st, 3rd and 9th, we are extremely pleased.

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