This Saturday we’re continuing with the classes we started a few weeks back at Code Club. At 16:00 we’re continuing Javascript 2 with an introduction to the HTML5 canvas element and how we can use Javascript to create graphical displays. At 17:00, the Scratch class will continue with an old favourite: Ghostbusters, which uses Scratch to show how sprites can be manipulated to create an amazing game environment. At 17:00 we’ll also have another Roblox Developer workshop.

Besides this, we always have people working on their own projects, from software, to 3D printing, to robotics, to wearable computing, our Makerspace is available to experiment with technology and learn new things. If you’re interested in joining us for one of our classes, and want to be notified when the next one starts, join us on CoderDojo here:

For the adults out there, there will be a Twilight Tech event on Thursday 26th at 18:00 at Microgaming in Douglas. We’ll be running a session on IPv6, talking about what IPv6 is, how it’s different and why now is the time to deploy it. If you want to join us, please book at place on the Eventbrite  here:

Finally, a reminder that we’re always looking for help to deliver learning and inspiration with the aim of increasing technology adoption in the Isle of Man. If you can volunteer some time, please get in touch. And if you can help us financially we have a Wish List of items that will really make a difference: