We’re all ready for another great session at Code Club. The Scratch class is working on a project called Ghostbusters this week, it’s a simple game that’s fun to play, but the important thing is that they’re building it from scratch! It’s a fantastic opportunity for them to see how games are built and what it takes to put it all together.

The Cybersecurity team will be meeting again to run through a practice session for Cybercentrion. There’s lots to learn and lots to try out, so should be a great session. And in the MICTA Lounge, work will be continuing on the drone we started building. It’s still early days but we have high hopes for it. All our other activities will also be available, from 3D printing, to VR, to all sorts of coding exploits.

Just a note that the Linux group won’t be meeting this week at Nigel won’t be around.

See you there!