This Saturday we’ll be talking about 3D printing here at Code Club. It’s a revolutionary technology that allows you to print physical objects and is totally reshaping the manufacturing industry. We’ll be talking about how it works, the areas of our life it is touching and what it means to the future. We have a 3D printer kindly loaned to us by Skanco and will be taking it through it’s paces in our Hackspace right after the session we’ll be running.

Besides that, the Scratch class is proceeding as per schedule, as is the Excel class. Our Hackspace and 3D corner will be running at full swing, especially as they have the 3D printer to play with, so lots for everyone to do. Our doors are open to everyone, please come and join us, even if you’ve never been before. If you have experience in 3D printing, please come too, as we’re all looking to learn off each other and your experiences are valuable!

Slides from the 3D Printing session can be found here: 3D Printing Slides