We have another Scratch session planned for 12th April, going by the name of Fish Chomp, which is bound to be fun for everyone taking part in the session, well sessions as we run 2 back to back. We need to be getting more people now too, as we had 23 people in the first session and 22 in the second last week. And as usual, the Hackspace downstairs will be building, coding and breaking stuff to see what makes it tick.

With the Easter holidays coming up we have a slight change to our normal schedule. We won’t have any Scratch classes over the next following two weekends. In fact on Saturday 19th April Code Club will be closed as too many of us are either off island or otherwise not able to make it.

On Saturday 26th April we’re running a special session on Node.js, aimed at developers looking to learn about new technologies. Previous coding experience is necessary and you’ll need your own laptop to work with. Should be a great session!

I’ve updated the Learn to Code page with our schedule till June, so we’re all on the same page.