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Who we are

We will use this page to list profiles for people who are dedicating time and effort to Code Club

Current volunteers include:

  • Owen Cutajar
  • John Middleton
  • Dan Wood
  • Lydia Barbara
  • Darren Barklie
  • Chris Hogben
  • Cameron Scott
  • Graham Platt
  • Steve Wilson
  • Andrew Hall
  • Steve Beesley
  • Nigel Bazley
  • Gary Myers
  • Kieran Tracy

A number of other volunteers give their time and skills to the benefit of the club. If you have a particular interest, approach one of the team above and we will direct you to the right person.

Our Policies

As Code Club is open to enthusiasts of all ages, we had a Child Protection Policy to ensure we have a consistent approach towards the security and safety of minors. This policy can be found here: Code Club – Child Protection Policy