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Chilling with a Boat Race

As per our post last week, we’re taking it easy over TT, not starting any new classes but we still have a few things going on for those who want to join us. Our Scratch class is continuing with Boat Race at 5:00pm, a cute little game that teaches the basics of 2D games. And […]

Taking it easy over TT

It’s great to see the whole Island gearing up for TT and we know that lots of you will be busy over this period; it’s also hard for some to get to Code Club over this period due to road closures, increased traffic, house guests and a whole bunch of other factors. So we’re planning […]

Taking it easy over TT

As you all know, we’re in the throes of TT fever, with the first race scheduled for this Saturday. As people will be enjoying the racing and roads will be closed, we’ll be taking it easy this Saturday. Code Club will still be open if you want to drop in. We’ll be using the lecture […]

3D Printing and Roblox

Hope you’re all recovered from the Easter Break and looking forward to coming to Code Club and learning something new! This week we’ll be finishing off the 2-part session: Using Blender to build 3D models. Gary held a great session last week and will be continuing with explaining how Blender can be used to build […]