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New classes at Code Club

Now that TT is over, we’re starting some new classes at Code Club. These are introductory classes aimed at giving children, teens and adults a taste of what coding is like and hopefully inspire and interest, hobby or even future career. This is what we have on offer: Learn to Code with Scratch : A […]

Finishing off Python and looking at Unity

This Saturday at 3:00pm we have our final class of the Intermediate Python class. We’ve been using the Python Next Steps book provide structure to this class and it’s been a great journey of discovery, from using Python online to building desktop applications.  We built a fully-functioning calculator last week and this week we’ll be enhancing […]

Resuming Python and more Raspberry Pi

This Saturday we’ll be resuming out Python series at 3:00pm. We’ve had a little break due to holidays, but it’s time to pick up where we left off and continue our Intermediate Python class. We started working on a GUI based calculator last time and we’ll be continuing using this to learn new concepts, understand how […]

More Python, Roblox and Soldering

Our classes are still in full swing, with our Intermediate Python class at 3:00pm this Saturday and Roblox Explorer session between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. The .Net group won’t be meeting this week and the Java class is missing this session too, but there are lots of other projects that we’ll be working on. If you’re […]

More Python and Arduino

This Saturday we’ll be finished off the Beginner’s Python class and opening up for more Arduino fun in our other classes. There’s lots to do at Code Club at the moment, with Artificial Intellignce demonstrators, 3D printing, radio, soldering and lots of other fun stuff, but we’re expecting this Saturday to be a quiet one. […]

Python Magic 8-ball, Arduino classes and much more

We’re continuing with our Python series at Code Club this week, putting together a Magic 8-Ball program and using it to learn how Python works and how to build more complex programs. The class has started on a high note and we intend to continue in this vein. We’re also continuing our Arduino classes on […]

Python and Arduino Classes at the Douglas Makerspace

This week, we start a brand new Python class at the Douglas Makerspace, running between 3:00pm and 4:00pm. We’ve had a massive response to this new class and will be running 2 classes simultaneously to accommodate as many people who signed up as we can. For those in the class, if you can bring a laptop […]

This Saturday: Using code to understand DNA

This Saturday we have a special speaker who will be giving us a talk titled: “Bioinformatics, omics and omes: how biologists use code to understand DNA”. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn about how coding has uses in different fields and how the scientific community is using code to deal with large amounts of data. […]

More lessons – and Pi-Tops

We had a great session last weekend, with Python, Scratch and Excel classes running on Saturday and Robotics with Lego Mindstorms on Sunday. In fact there was such demand for the Robotics class that we already have the next classful of students on a waiting list ready for the next time we run it! It’s […]

This week: More Python and Scratch – Starting Excel & Lego Mindstorms

Last Saturday was fantastic, with Python and Scratch classes continuing and even more hardware for people to play with! If you haven’t tried the Ocoulus Rift, you have to ask Gary to show it to you. And with others building 3D printers, SOCs and robots, there was lots to see and do. We also had […]