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Memory games, PHP and Cybersecurity – and we’re moving!

Memory games, PHP and Cybersecurity, these are just a few of the things we’re doing at Code Club this week. The Scratch class is creating a Memory game, the PHP class is learning how to handle forms and the Cybersecurity class is doing their last practice before their first Cybercenturion competition session. But that’s not […]

Chatbot, PHP, Hacking and more

This Saturday we’ll be running a similar format to last week, with our next PHP and Scratch classes between 4 and 6. As usual, the 3D group will be playing with Blender and the Hackspace will be in full swing. Our CyberSecurity team will also be meeting preparing for the CyberCenturion Challenge We also have […]

Scratch, PHP, EU Code Week and the Code Bus

This week we’re continuing with our Scratch and PHP classes. We’re having great fun learning how to code, but our classes are full at the moment, so if you’re keen to start coding; just drop owen@codeclub.im a line and I’ll add you to our waiting list for the next class. We’re also kicking off a […]

Scratch, PHP, Robotics and Cyberchallenges

We had a great start to our Scratch and PHP courses last week and this week we’ll be doing more of the same. So it’s lesson 2 for the PHP class (Introducing Variables) and lesson 2 for the Scratch class (Lost in Space). If you’re interested in doing more on the PHP, the text we’re […]

Starting PHP and Scratch this Saturday

This Saturday marks the start of our coding classes now that our Summer sessions are over. We’ve had a number of great sessions, with topics ranging from Free Software all the way to User Interface Design. But now it’s time switch back to coding and we’re looking forward to start classes, especially as they’re full […]

Life after HTML and a bit more Scratch

This Saturday we are are running a session for all those who have finished the HTML and CSS class, to give some idea of what you can do with the HTML you have learnt. We’ll be taking a quick look at what PHP is and how it can take HTML/CSS to a new level. This […]

Dynamic Websites and new Beginner Scratch course!

We’re getting well underway with our Summer programme and this Saturday we are presenting an Introduction to Dynamic Websites. We’ll be looking at how HTML/Javascript and PHP can be used to add some magic to a static website and bring it to life. This will be an taste of web development for budding developers or […]