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Memory game, cybersecurity and lots more

This Saturday we’re planning another great session at Code Club. We’ll be continuing the Scratch course at 4:00pm with a session where we will be creating a Memory Game for all to learn and play. Our projects will start to get a bit more complex now that we’re past the half-way point, but they will […]

Paint Box, Robotics and a bigger Makerspace

Those of you who came to Code Club last Saturday might have noticed that we shifted some thing around and made a bit more space for the people working on robotics. We now have a new makerspace that’s dedicated not only to all things robotic, but also to making and building. We got one of […]

Building a new PC

This Saturday we’ll be taking learning the basics of building a machine from scratch. We’ll first be taking a machine apart to see what makes it tick, then putting it together again and installing a brand new installation of Linux on it. Lots of learning points in this session from the hardware that makes up […]

What’s on in the next few weeks

We’ve been planning our schedule for the next few weeks and I wanted to share this with you so that you can plan when to come to Code Club. Here are how the next few Saturdays are shaping up: Saturday 10th September (this Saturday) We’ll be having our final lesson in the HTML/CSS Code Club […]

More HTML, Linux and playing with Tech

This Saturday we have another full schedule at Code Club. Our HTML class will be doing a session called “Linked Rooms” at 4:00pm, while the Linux Group will be taking over the Lecure Room at 5:00pm to continue learning about operating systems, working on the new Linux server and playing around with using their new […]

More HTML, new Linux and some IoT

This Saturday, we’re continuing our HTML class at 4:00pm, focusing on using CSS for sizing and positioning elements on a page. Should be a fun one, particularly as we’ll be creating an online robot together that will let you explore different ways of making him look. At 5:00pm, we’ll be having a session on Linux. […]

Last few days for Scratch Contest

Just a reminder for all those who want to take part in the Autumn Scratch Contest. There’s only a few more days left to get your project in, and get a chance at winning your very own laptop. If you have a project you’d like to enter, please leave a comment here, or send an […]