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HTML Magazines and Roblox Scripting

Now that the mid-term holidays are well and truly over, Code Club is back in full swing with a full programme of activities for this Saturday. At 4:00pm we have the next in our HTML/CSS course, a lesson that sees our students creating a magazine layout using HTML. Like all the Code Club projects, it’s […]

Classes, WordPress and Cybersecurity

Our CodeClub sessions are proceeding in full swing, with HTML/CSS moving onto learning all about hyperlinks this Saturday at 4:00pm and the Roblox Design class at 5:00pm.┬áIn the meantime, the volunteer team is getting the Lego Mindstorms kits ready for operation so there’s some robotics happening in the Lab at the same time. If you’re […]

Continuing classes at Code Club

We’re in the middle of HTML/CSS classes and Roblox classes at Code Club at the moment and this Saturday we’ll be continuing as per our plan. The HTML class will be working on a Mystery Letter and Roblox session will be looking at more features of Roblox Studio. We had a great time last week […]

HTML and CSS posters

Last week we had our second HTML/CSS class and all students seemed to really enjoy the material. We made a storyboard using HTML and CSS and everyone got a chance at being creative. Some of the students made up jokes and some even ended up with explosive endings! This week we’ll be doing something different. […]

More HTML and Roblox coming back …

We started our HTML/CSS class last Saturday and had a great time with a full class and everyone wanting to learn more about how web pages are built. We have a complete set of classes planned and I’m sure everyone will leave having a better idea of how the web works and how web sites […]

Last session at Barrule House – Clone Wars and Pixel Art

March is coming to an end, and with this so will our stay at Barrule House in Ballasalla. It has been a great location for delivering classes and growing our community, but it’s time for us to look at other ways of delivering our classes and sessions. We’re running an Arduino class in Douglas next, […]

Sunrise, Brain Game and some exciting news

This Saturday we’ll be continuing our classes at Code Club. At 4pm, our HTML/CSS class will be working on a lesson called Sunrise, which is the next in the series of Code Club sessions. This will be followed at 5:00pm by the next session in our Scratch classes. We’ll be running a session called Brain […]

Ghostbusters, More HTML and some C#

We’ve got lots going on at Code Club again this Saturday. Our HTML class will be starting to look at CSS at 4:00pm while our Scratch class will be doing their always popular Ghostbusters session at 5:00pm. Our C# self-study group is also growing as more people join in, so lots to learn from a […]

New classes at Code Club

This Saturday we’re starting two new classes at Code Club. We have HTML/CSS starting at 4:00pm and Scratch starting at 5:00pm. If you fancy joining either of these classes, this is your chance to get involved, just drop me a line at owen@codeclub.im to check if we still have spaces. If you’re new to Code […]

Summer coming to an end …

So, MGP is over, the weather is turning and there’s a distinct sense that summer is coming to an end. But here at Code Club we always have fun and exciting things to do, see and learn. We’re planning on starting a new Scratch class in the next few weeks, so if you’ve never done […]