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Scratch, PHP, Robotics and Cyberchallenges

We had a great start to our Scratch and PHP courses last week and this week we’ll be doing more of the same. So it’s lesson 2 for the PHP class (Introducing Variables) and lesson 2 for the Scratch class (Lost in Space). If you’re interested in doing more on the PHP, the text we’re […]

This week: Hacking websites and how to handle it

We have a great session ready for you this Saturday, showing some techniques that the bad guys use to get into websites and how we protect from that sort of thing. It will provide an interesting view into the cat and mouse game that security professionals play every day and we’ll be talking about different website […]

Saturday 21st Feb – Open Data Day

This Saturday is Open Data Day and we’re taking a break from our usual routine to introduce some Manx Open Data Sets and create some local mashups. Here’s what Open Data Day is about: Open Data Day is a gathering of citizens in cities around the world to write applications, liberate data, create visualizations and […]

Another helping of Python, Scratch and Robotics

We have more techie goodness planned for you this Saturday, with classes in Python and Scratch as we work our way through our planned schedule. And even though the Robotics lessons are complete, we are keeping the Robotics class open for people to continue working on their projects. Besides this, there are lots of other […]

Software Freedom Day

This Saturday happens to be Software Freedom Day and we are marking the day with a special talk about the Philosophy of Free Software. This will be followed by a case study of a real-life implementation of free software in a commercial organisation and the opportunity for Q&A with our speakers and the rest of […]