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Code, Robotics and much more

This Saturday we’ll be continuing with our Javascript class at 4:00pm, introducing program structures like loops and conditions. We’ve had a really deep dive into variables, objects and data types so far, so now we’ll be accelerating our learning with seeing how they can all be used to create programs and algorithms. This will be […]


This Saturday we’ll be running a Scratch session called Dodgeball, a great little game to help our students get a better handle on Scratch. The course is coming along nicely and it’s great to see people’s faces light up when things work the way they should. We finished the Introductory Java class last week, and […]

Code Club @ Skills & Employment Fair

We’re down at the Skills and Employment Fair today, talking to people about careers in IT and what we’re doing in Code Club. If you’re heading down; do come and say hello. We’re running a contest on the stand, using the game created by Callum, the winner of the latest Code Club Competition. It’s a […]