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Windows Malware Analysis – Saturday October 5th

This Saturday we’re hosting a talk on Windows Malware Analysis, aimed at our CyberSecurity teams, but open to anyone who wants to attend. We’ll be setting up a Malware Analysis Lab, learning about static and dynamic malware analysis techniques and examining these in the Lab environment. The session will run between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. If […]

Dodgeball, Roblox and Cybersecurity

This Saturday, we’ll be running our Scratch class as usual at 16:00. This week we’ll be following a project called Dodgeball, which involves creating a platform-based game, complete with obstacles and baddies. It’s good fun, and the class is bound to learn lots of new things. This will be followed by Advanced Roblox Scripting at […]

Arduino Courses and Security Themed Twilight Code Club

Last Saturday we had our first session at the Douglas Makerspace, running a Beginner Arduino course with a batch of eager new students. It was a great session, putting our Arduino kits through their paces; with lots of flickering LEDs all around the room, and pages of code on everyone’s machine. The class will be […]

Memory game, cybersecurity and lots more

This Saturday we’re planning another great session at Code Club. We’ll be continuing the Scratch course at 4:00pm with a session where we will be creating a Memory Game for all to learn and play. Our projects will start to get a bit more complex now that we’re past the half-way point, but they will […]

New Scratch course and new Cybercenturion Competition at Code Club

We have a fun-packed Saturday planned at Code Club this week, with a number of things starting off and lots of stuff to see and do. Let’s see what’s starting first: We’re running our Scratch class again, aimed at newcomers who want to learn to code. This will be running between 4:00 and 5:00 and […]

Exploring the BBC micro:bit

This Saturday we have a session that’s dedicated to learning more about the BBC micro:bit, a small computer that can be programmed and a great way to young and old to learn how to code, create and invent. It’s similar to the Code Bug we showed at Code Club some time ago, but a number […]

What’s on in the next few weeks

We’ve been planning our schedule for the next few weeks and I wanted to share this with you so that you can plan when to come to Code Club. Here are how the next few Saturdays are shaping up: Saturday 10th September (this Saturday) We’ll be having our final lesson in the HTML/CSS Code Club […]

Scratch, Java and Cybersecurity

We’re continuing with our courses this week, with our Scratch and Java classes keeping our students busy. Java is moving onto lesson 3, and the Scratch class will be building a project called Ghostbusters. We’ll also have our Lego Mindstorms sessions, 3D printing and virtual reality for people to explore, as well as other goodies. […]

Brain Games, Cybersecurity and more

First of all I would like to congratulate the Cybersecurity team on successfully completing Round 1 of the CyberCenturion Challenge. The contest round ran for 6 hours in which we had to secure and Ubuntu and a Windows desktop machine. The team learnt loads along the way and we ended up 10th out of around […]

Dodgeball, Cybersecurity Challenges and The Move starts!

The Saturday we’re running a Scratch session building a Dodgeball game. The Scratch class is proceeding nicely and we’re aiming to finish this one by the end of the year. We’re also running our 3D room and Lego Mindstorms will be available. And as the end of the year approaches we’ll be ramping down our […]