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Scratch Contest – Summer 2014

Welcome to the Summer 2014 Scratch Contest being run by Code Club. It is designed to present students in the Isle of Man with a challenge that will stimulate their coding abilities and help them showcase what they have learnt, be it at Code Club, at school, and even at home.

To compete in this contest, students must build a game in Scratch, share this on the Scratch portal and try to et as many Loves and Favourites as then can. We will feature these projects below and invite any visitors to vote on their favourite game. The contest will run till Saturday 28th June, where the top 3 students will be invited to present their project to a judging panel who will award the prizes after scoring the projects on originality, quality of end-user experience and coding elegance.

Submitted projects

Project Name Coder Project Link Score
When Knights Attack Kyle Click here 39
Virtual Fairground Games Reuben Click here 38
Pick a Pet Artia Click here 27
Waddle Penguin! Waddle! Chris Click here 25
Guess the Number Mattu Click here 12
Spinning Stamps Arthur Click here 6
Wasp Swatter Joe Click here 3
Wizard Trap Andy Click here 2
TT Roads Closed Mdu Click here 1
Ghosts Adam Click here 0

To enter, please email owen@codeclub.im with your name, Code Club Membership Number (if available) and the URL of your project.

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