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Cybercenturion Update – Round 1

We have an update from Adam about how the Isle of Man team got on in Round 1 of the Cybercenturion competition: Today (this was posted on Saturday), as I am sure most of you know, was round 1 of CCIV. We did extremely well, with me & Jack scoring 94 (19/20) on the Windows 7 […]

Linked Rooms and CyberPatriot session

We’re getting ready for another session at Code Club this week, though some of us are away due to the school mid-term holidays. However, the HTML/CSS class will be going ahead as planned (Thank you Andrew) with the class working on a module called Linked Room. It uses HTML to create a simple ‘adventure game’ […]

An HTML Sunrise

We’re progressing with our HTML/CSS class this Saturday at 4:00pm with a new HTML project called Sunset. Last week we looked at CSS classes for styling divs, including colours, gradients and all sorts of border effects and the class had a great time creating badges. This week we’ll be looking at HTML animation effects and […]

More HTML and starting Roblox Scripting

This week at Code Club we’ll be continuing our HTML/CSS class at 4:00pm with a great little lesson where we create graphical stickers in HTML and CSS. It will be a good followup to last week’s lesson where we introduced CSS ids and positioning. The class has been coming on nicely and everyone is starting […]

HTML, Roblox and more events

This Saturday we’ll be continuing our current classes, with the HTML/CSS class learning all about positioning in HTML and using their newfound skills to build an on-screen Robot at 4:00pm. The 5:00pm class is dedicated to Roblox and is the final class in the Roblox Studio series. Last week the class built an airport together […]

Classes, WordPress and Cybersecurity

Our CodeClub sessions are proceeding in full swing, with HTML/CSS moving onto learning all about hyperlinks this Saturday at 4:00pm and the Roblox Design class at 5:00pm. In the meantime, the volunteer team is getting the Lego Mindstorms kits ready for operation so there’s some robotics happening in the Lab at the same time. If you’re […]

Continuing classes at Code Club

We’re in the middle of HTML/CSS classes and Roblox classes at Code Club at the moment and this Saturday we’ll be continuing as per our plan. The HTML class will be working on a Mystery Letter and Roblox session will be looking at more features of Roblox Studio. We had a great time last week […]

More HTML and starting Roblox Studio

We’re progressing with our HTML/CSS class (between 4:00pm and 5:00pm) and this week will be creating a web page with a recipe on it. This will enable us to explore more of what CSS can offer and introduce new HTML tags for making lists and other elements on a page. I’m pleased to say that […]

HTML and CSS posters

Last week we had our second HTML/CSS class and all students seemed to really enjoy the material. We made a storyboard using HTML and CSS and everyone got a chance at being creative. Some of the students made up jokes and some even ended up with explosive endings! This week we’ll be doing something different. […]

More HTML and Roblox coming back …

We started our HTML/CSS class last Saturday and had a great time with a full class and everyone wanting to learn more about how web pages are built. We have a complete set of classes planned and I’m sure everyone will leave having a better idea of how the web works and how web sites […]