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More HTML and starting Roblox Scripting

This week at Code Club we’ll be continuing our HTML/CSS class at 4:00pm with a great little lesson where we create graphical stickers in HTML and CSS. It will be a good followup to last week’s lesson where we introduced CSS ids and positioning. The class has been coming on nicely and everyone is starting […]

HTML, Roblox and more events

This Saturday we’ll be continuing our current classes, with the HTML/CSS class learning all about positioning in HTML and using their newfound skills to build an on-screen Robot at 4:00pm. The 5:00pm class is dedicated to Roblox and is the final class in the Roblox Studio series. Last week the class built an airport together […]

Classes, WordPress and Cybersecurity

Our CodeClub sessions are proceeding in full swing, with HTML/CSS moving onto learning all about hyperlinks this Saturday at 4:00pm and the Roblox Design class at 5:00pm. In the meantime, the volunteer team is getting the Lego Mindstorms kits ready for operation so there’s some robotics happening in the Lab at the same time. If you’re […]

Continuing classes at Code Club

We’re in the middle of HTML/CSS classes and Roblox classes at Code Club at the moment and this Saturday we’ll be continuing as per our plan. The HTML class will be working on a Mystery Letter and Roblox session will be looking at more features of Roblox Studio. We had a great time last week […]

More HTML and starting Roblox Studio

We’re progressing with our HTML/CSS class (between 4:00pm and 5:00pm) and this week will be creating a web page with a recipe on it. This will enable us to explore more of what CSS can offer and introduce new HTML tags for making lists and other elements on a page. I’m pleased to say that […]

HTML and CSS posters

Last week we had our second HTML/CSS class and all students seemed to really enjoy the material. We made a storyboard using HTML and CSS and everyone got a chance at being creative. Some of the students made up jokes and some even ended up with explosive endings! This week we’ll be doing something different. […]

More HTML and Roblox coming back …

We started our HTML/CSS class last Saturday and had a great time with a full class and everyone wanting to learn more about how web pages are built. We have a complete set of classes planned and I’m sure everyone will leave having a better idea of how the web works and how web sites […]

New class at STEAM Lab – Code Club HTML/CSS

We’re starting a new class this Saturday, HTML/CSS for Juniors. It aims to teach students how the web works, how to build web pages and how to tweak existing sites. It’s aimed at 8-12 year olds, but also suitable for older students who would like to understand how the Web works. This is a 12 […]

Open Arduino Session

This Saturday we have another Code Club Open Session like we had last week, with a focus on our Arduino kits. This is an opportunity to come and explore what can be done with an Arduino, learn some electronics and try your hand at making something cool! The Arduino kits we have come with some […]

Come and learn to program an Arduino

This Saturday we’re making our Arduino kits available in an Open Session. It’s a chance to come and learn what makes an Arduino tick, how to program one and how to use them to control devices and projects. We have a number of kits that come fully loaded with a number of components including LEDs, […]