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Fund a Project

We are fortunate to have a number of volunteers supporting our efforts, and have managed to run a number of projects with the support of companies and individuals who have provided us with premises, equipment, funding and personnel. However, we still have many projects we would like to run, which we are unable to at the moment due to our current constraints.

Here are some projects we have managed to deliver:

  • First Code Club – operating between 4pm and 6pm on a Saturday – premises and kit provided by StreamOn & MICTA
  • Robotics Club – operating on a Sunday – premises and kit provided by Steve Bradley & St. John’s Mill Conference Centre
  • Makerspace – funding for electronic components & equipment provided by Nationwide
  • Makerspace – 3D printer funded by StreamOn
  • Makerspace – 3D printer funded by Celton Manx
  • Makerspace – Drone project funded by Manx Telecom
  • Makerspace – Arduino kits funded by Celton Manx
  • Codebus – Made possible by Manx Gas, Manx Lottery Trust, AFD Software, Sure, Bluewave Communications, Manx Telecom, Steam Packet Company and Connect2Charity


Here are some projects we’re looking for support for:

  • Code Club Beginner Class (Scratch, HTML, Python, etc) – 10 x low-spec laptops (£150 each)
  • Code Club Advanced Class (Visual Studio, Cybersecurity, etc) – 5 x laptops (£500 each)
  • Code Club Mobile App Development Class (Android, iOS, etc) – 5 x Macbooks (£750 each)


We are also looking for support for our Fab Lab project being created in Douglas. This will be a permanent resource sporting classrooms, digital fabrication equipment, meeting spaces and making spaces. If you can help fund this project, please donate using the button below:

Use the PayPal donation button at the bottom of the website if you would like to make a contribution!