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Cybercenturion Update – Round 1

We have an update from Adam about how the Isle of Man team got on in Round 1 of the Cybercenturion competition: Today (this was posted on Saturday), as I am sure most of you know, was round 1 of CCIV. We did extremely well, with me & Jack scoring 94 (19/20) on the Windows 7 […]

Scratch, Java and Cybersecurity

We’re continuing with our courses this week, with our Scratch and Java classes keeping our students busy. Java is moving onto lesson 3, and the Scratch class will be building a project called Ghostbusters. We’ll also have our Lego Mindstorms sessions, 3D printing and virtual reality for people to explore, as well as other goodies. […]

Google I/O and Game Design

This week is a special week at Code Club. Not only do we go into a different mode over the TT period, but we’re also hosting Google I/O Extended on Thursday and Friday evening. How’s that for a fun-packed week! First of all, let’s talk about what’s happening over TT. With many people involved around […]