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Arduino classes continue, and another Wednesday twilight session

Our Arduino classes are continuing this week on Wednesday and Saturday. We’ve managed to fill up 3 classes so far, and are getting ready to announce the next one. And things are getting more exciting in that space too. We’ve been playing with Zumo, a little Arduino controlled bot that has some fantastic capabilities and […]

Arduino Courses and Security Themed Twilight Code Club

Last Saturday we had our first session at the Douglas Makerspace, running a Beginner Arduino course with a batch of eager new students. It was a great session, putting our Arduino kits through their paces; with lots of flickering LEDs all around the room, and pages of code on everyone’s machine. The class will be […]

Starting a new format in Douglas – new Arduino courses!

Yesterday we moved our Code Club kit from Barrule House in Ballasalla to our new headquarters in Douglas, and we’re right in the centre, a couple of doors down from Java Express and just on top of Miquando. This will be a start of a new era for us and an opportunity to deliver more […]

Last session at Barrule House – Clone Wars and Pixel Art

March is coming to an end, and with this so will our stay at Barrule House in Ballasalla. It has been a great location for delivering classes and growing our community, but it’s time for us to look at other ways of delivering our classes and sessions. We’re running an Arduino class in Douglas next, […]

Linked Rooms, Catch the Dots and much more

This week at Code Club we’ll be continuing our Scratch and HTML courses with a couple of great sessions. The HTML/CSS class at 4:00pm will be building a virtual world with doors that link from one place to another, while the Scratch class at 5:00pm will be running the always popular ‘Catch the Dots’ project. […]

Sunrise, Brain Game and some exciting news

This Saturday we’ll be continuing our classes at Code Club. At 4pm, our HTML/CSS class will be working on a lesson called Sunrise, which is the next in the series of Code Club sessions. This will be followed at 5:00pm by the next session in our Scratch classes. We’ll be running a session called Brain […]

Stickers, Dodgeball, .Net and lots of hardware

This Saturday we have another packed Code Club session scheduled. At 4pm we’ll be continuing our HTML/CSS class with a session called ‘Stickers’ that will let the class explore colours, styles and all sorts of fun things you can do with CSS. At 5pm we’ll be running the next Scratch class, Dodgeball, which is always […]

Building robots, Memory games and more news

This Saturday we’re continuing our series of HTML/CSS and Scratch classes. At 4:00pm we’ll be running our HTML/CSS class with a fun ‘Create a Robot’ project. This will be followed by a Scratch class at 5:00pm where the class will be building a memory game. We’re more than half way through on our classes and […]

Create a boat race, build a robot or try out 3D printing!

We’re creating a Boat Race this week in our Scratch session. This should be a great project for all those who are on our Scratch class which is running every Saturday at 5:00pm. Our HTML/CSS class will be running as usual at 4:00pm, this time putting together a showcase of the work they’ve done and […]

Paintbox, Mystery Letter and much much more

We’re getting ready for another great session at Code Club this weekend. The HTML class will be creating a Mystery Letter at 4:00pm using HTML and CSS, while the Scratch class will be building a Painting application in Scratch at 5:00pm. Just another step in the courses we’re running at the moment! In the meantime, […]