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New Scratch Season, Cybersecurity and lots more

Everyone’s back from the Summer holidays and getting ready for the next scholastic year, so we though it would be a good time to organise a new Scratch class. This is a beginner’s class, starting Saturday 8th September at 16:00, aimed at 8 to 12 year olds who have never coded before and are looking […]

Classes, Love Tech Launch and much more

This Saturday we’re continuing with your classes at Code Club. We’re currently running Python, C# and Scratch classes with students at different levels learning new concepts and exploring these 3 different programming languages. As always, we also have 3D printers, VR headsets and Robotics available for hand-on activities. All this happens every Saturday between 4:00pm […]

New classes underway

Last Saturday we started 3 brand new classes at Code Club: Python, C# and Scratch. It was great to see the place buzzing and new faces joining our classes. Both Python and C# were running at capacity but not everyone who booked in for Scratch turned up. Because of this, we’re opening up another couple […]

Ghostbusters, Javascript Canvas and more Roblox

This Saturday we’re continuing with the classes we started a few weeks back at Code Club. At 16:00 we’re continuing Javascript 2 with an introduction to the HTML5 canvas element and how we can use Javascript to create graphical displays. At 17:00, the Scratch class will continue with an old favourite: Ghostbusters, which uses Scratch […]

More Javascript, Scratch and Roblox

This Saturday we’re continuing our Javascript class at 4:00pm. We have started using jQuery now and it’s really pushed our Javascript work up a notch. We’re expecting the next few sessions to be fun. We’ve started a new Scratch class too and this week the 5:00pm Scratch class will be following the Lost in Space […]

New Javascript and Scratch classes

We’re starting new classes this Saturday at Code Club, with Javascript 2 at 16:00 and Scratch at 17:00. Unfortunately our classes are full at this point, so we cannot take any new students. However, if you want to be notified of any upcoming sessions, please sign up to our CoderDojo page here: Code Club is […]

No classes over Easter Weekend

We just finished our Javascript for Beginners classes last weekend, so will be pausing our lessons over the Easter weekend, particularly as a number of people are away for the long weekend. We’ll be starting new courses the week after that, with Javscript II (a continuation of Javascript for Beginners) and a new Scratch class […]

Code, Robotics and much more

This Saturday we’ll be continuing with our Javascript class at 4:00pm, introducing program structures like loops and conditions. We’ve had a really deep dive into variables, objects and data types so far, so now we’ll be accelerating our learning with seeing how they can all be used to create programs and algorithms. This will be […]

More Javascript, Twine and Robotics

This Saturday we’ll be continuing our Javascript class at 4:00pm. We took a deep dive into variables last week, covering string, numeric and boolean variables and learning all sorts of things we could do with them, particularly as Javascript is loosly typed. This week we’ll be focusing on arrays, and building programs to take advantage […]

New Javascript class and Twine for Girls

This Saturday we’re starting a brand new class: Beginning Javascript at our usual starting time of 16:00. It’s a new class which we’re running for the first time as we’re looking forward to seeing how it is received. This will be followed by the Advanced Roblox Scripting class. We’re also running a Twine for Girls […]