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Saturday 21st Feb – Open Data Day

This Saturday is Open Data Day and we’re taking a break from our usual routine to introduce some Manx Open Data Sets and create some local mashups. Here’s what Open Data Day is about: Open Data Day is a gathering of citizens in cities around the world to write applications, liberate data, create visualizations and […]

Is it Christmas yet?

So we’re starting to get the Christmas bug at Code Club, especially as we have our last formal session this week. That’s the Python for Beginners class that’s holding their last lesson this Saturday. It’s been a fun course to run and I hope the students have learnt something new and will be practicing over […]

WordPress Workshop and much more

This Saturday we’ll be running a WordPress Workshop aimed at those interested in WordPress or using WordPress. We’ll be looking at some common problems and how to solve them, ways to keep your site secure and some plugin recommendations. We’re also looking at what problems people can bring the the session and trying to help […]

Software Freedom Day

This Saturday happens to be Software Freedom Day and we are marking the day with a special talk about the Philosophy of Free Software. This will be followed by a case study of a real-life implementation of free software in a commercial organisation and the opportunity for Q&A with our speakers and the rest of […]

WordPress masterclass, Scratch, robots and more

Like every Saturday, we have a full schedule planned this week’s Code Club! We’re running a WordPress masterclass in the main lecture theatre, building a complete Hot-or-not style website on a clean WordPress install. We’ll go from a brand new site with all the defaults, all the way through to a fully functional site with […]

Dynamic Websites and new Beginner Scratch course!

We’re getting well underway with our Summer programme and this Saturday we are presenting an Introduction to Dynamic Websites. We’ll be looking at how HTML/Javascript and PHP can be used to add some magic to a static website and bring it to life. This will be an taste of web development for budding developers or […]

Come and learn about 3D Graphics

Our next 2 weeks are dedicated to learning about 3D graphics. We have 2 sessions lined up, with this Saturday (5th July) learning about a package called Blender and next Saturday focusing on 3D graphics. The first 30 minutes will be setting up and getting Blender installed for those that want it, so if you […]

Flappy Parrot and Hackspace fun!

We’re planning another awesome session for Code Club tomorrow, with the Scratch team teaching everyone how to build a Flappy Bird clone called Flappy Parrot! The Hackspace will be active downstairs too, messing with RasPis and Arduinos. And we also seem to be growing a 3D graphics special interest group too! The one thing we’re […]

Of Christmas Capers and Web controlled LEDs

We have another fantastic Code Club session planned for you all tomorrow. The Scratch classes will be working on a project called Christmas Capers; granted that we’re probably at the furthest point in the year from Christmas, but the mechanics of the game we’re building can be applied to other scenarios, maybe a more summer […]

Resuming Scratch Sessions and more Hackspace time

We’re all back from our Easter break now, so our Scratch course will be resuming with more fun and learning for everyone. We’re running a Code Club session called Desert Race this week, which promises to be great fun. In case you haven’t seen it, the rest of our schedule can be found on the […]