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Dodgeball, Roblox and Cybersecurity

This Saturday, we’ll be running our Scratch class as usual at 16:00. This week we’ll be following a project called Dodgeball, which involves creating a platform-based game, complete with obstacles and baddies. It’s good fun, and the class is bound to learn lots of new things. This will be followed by Advanced Roblox Scripting at […]

Get your computer chatting .. and let’s make some stuff!

Last week the Scratch team built a great Ghostbusters projects and we have more of the same this week.  Our Scratch session this Saturday will be dedicated to building a Chatbot. This introduces our class to decision trees and does so in a fun way. They will be using a sprite with multiple costumes which […]

Boat Race, Linux, Makerspace improvements and lots more

This Saturday the Scratch class will be picking up another fun Code Club project called Boat Race, where they build a game that they can play and share with their friends. This class will run from 4:00pm till 5:00pm followed by the Linux class at 5:00pm. Lots to learn, I’m sure! In the meantime, the […]

Chatbot, drones and robots

This Saturday we’ll be running the next session of our Scratch course at 4:00pm, a session called Chatbot where the class will start experimenting with Scratch to create more interactive programs. This will be followed by our Linux class at 5:00pm where the team will continue working on their new Linux server. We’ll also be […]

Of Paintboxes and Fablabs

We have another great Code Club session lined up this Saturday, with the Scratch class working on building a Paint Box, the Lego Mindstorms group working on their Sumo robots and lots of other fun tech activities going on around the Club. A quick reminder that there will be no PHP session this week and […]

Catch the Dots and HTML/CSS Comics

This Saturday we’re running another couple of HTML and Scratch lessons as per our normal schedule. The HTML class will be doing a project called Catch The Dots, while the HTML course has reached it’s final class: Building a comic with HTML and CSS. It’s been a great class and we’ve learnt lots together but […]

Starting May with Code Club

This Saturday sees us starting the month of May with a full programme of events. Last Saturday saw us kick off a new season of lessons with HTML/CSS at 4:00pm and Scratch at 5:00pm. Our class was full of new students, some young, some old, but all hungry for knowledge. The classes went well and […]

New courses starting this Saturday

We starting a new set of courses this Saturday at Code Club. We have a new course in HTML/CSS for beginners from 4:00pm till 5:00pm, followed by a repeat of our popular Scratch course from 5:00pm till 6:00pm. These courses are aimed at youngsters, but we encourage everyone who’s interested to attend. Certainly the HTML/CSS […]

This Saturday: Using code to understand DNA

This Saturday we have a special speaker who will be giving us a talk titled: “Bioinformatics, omics and omes: how biologists use code to understand DNA”. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn about how coding has uses in different fields and how the scientific community is using code to deal with large amounts of data. […]

3D Printing at Code Club

This Saturday we’ll be talking about 3D printing here at Code Club. It’s a revolutionary technology that allows you to print physical objects and is totally reshaping the manufacturing industry. We’ll be talking about how it works, the areas of our life it is touching and what it means to the future. We have a […]