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Get your computer chatting .. and let’s make some stuff!

Last week the Scratch team built a great Ghostbusters projects and we have more of the same this week.  Our Scratch session this Saturday will be dedicated to building a Chatbot. This introduces our class to decision trees and does so in a fun way. They will be using a sprite with multiple costumes which […]

Memory game, cybersecurity and lots more

This Saturday we’re planning another great session at Code Club. We’ll be continuing the Scratch course at 4:00pm with a session where we will be creating a Memory Game for all to learn and play. Our projects will start to get a bit more complex now that we’re past the half-way point, but they will […]

Lots going on at Code Club – what next?

We’re continuing with out usual programme at Code Club this week, with the Java class moving to Lesson 4 and the Scratch class working on a session called Chatbot. The MICTA Lounge will be busy with Lego Mindstorms and a range of different hardware and coding projects and our 3D suite will also be in […]

Scratch, PHP, Robotics and Cyberchallenges

We had a great start to our Scratch and PHP courses last week and this week we’ll be doing more of the same. So it’s lesson 2 for the PHP class (Introducing Variables) and lesson 2 for the Scratch class (Lost in Space). If you’re interested in doing more on the PHP, the text we’re […]

Lego Mindstorms Sumo Robotics final – We have a winner!

Yesterday marked the final session of the 2015 Lego Mindstorms Sumo Robotics challenge, one of the robotics classes that the Isle of Man Code Club has been running, kindly hosted by St John’s Mill Conference Centre. We’re delighted to announce that we have a winner for this challenge: The winner is: Destructicon (his mates call […]

Catch the Dots and HTML/CSS Comics

This Saturday we’re running another couple of HTML and Scratch lessons as per our normal schedule. The HTML class will be doing a project called Catch The Dots, while the HTML course has reached it’s final class: Building a comic with HTML and CSS. It’s been a great class and we’ve learnt lots together but […]

Starting May with Code Club

This Saturday sees us starting the month of May with a full programme of events. Last Saturday saw us kick off a new season of lessons with HTML/CSS at 4:00pm and Scratch at 5:00pm. Our class was full of new students, some young, some old, but all hungry for knowledge. The classes went well and […]

Last few days for Scratch Contest

Just a reminder for all those who want to take part in the Autumn Scratch Contest. There’s only a few more days left to get your project in, and get a chance at winning your very own laptop. If you have a project you’d like to enter, please leave a comment here, or send an […]

WordPress Workshop and much more

This Saturday we’ll be running a WordPress Workshop aimed at those interested in WordPress or using WordPress. We’ll be looking at some common problems and how to solve them, ways to keep your site secure and some plugin recommendations. We’re also looking at what problems people can bring the the session and trying to help […]

Scratch Contest – Autumn 2014

We’ve been lucky enough to secure another set of prizes from the Isle of Man BCS which means we can run another Scratch contest. If you remember we did this a few months ago, and had some great entries. You can see some of the top ones here. Once again, our top prize is a […]