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A helping of Java and Pi

We’re continuing with our Raspberry Pi exploration sessions this Saturday between 4:00pm and 6:00pm, and we’re opened up a few more places for this session. We have 6 Raspberry Pi stations for people to use, but as we had some no-shows last week, we’ve decided to open a few more places on the basis that […]

Raspberry Pi Masterclass

This Saturday we’re starting something new at Code Club. We’re starting a special Raspberry Pi Masterclass for those interested in learning more about this little device. It’s a series of 4 sessions that starts with the basics of Linux and the Raspberry Pi and works through to building Artificial Intelligence capabilities on this palm-sized computer. […]

Last Roblox and some Java

This Saturday we’re finishing off our 4-session Roblox extravaganza. It’s been great to watch everyone create new worlds, as well as explore others created by fellow Roblox users. We’ve had a huge demand for these sessions and it was great to see that we could do it thanks to parents volunteering their time. We’ll be […]

More Python, Roblox and Soldering

Our classes are still in full swing, with our Intermediate Python class at 3:00pm this Saturday and Roblox Explorer session between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. The .Net group won’t be meeting this week and the Java class is missing this session too, but there are lots of other projects that we’ll be working on. If you’re […]

Soldering classes, tech meetups and lots more

As June rolls on, our schedule keeps filling up with lots of new and exciting sessions down at our STEAM Lab Makerspace in Douglas. Our classes keep filling up as quickly as we can put them on, and and we understand this can be disappointing if you’re trying to find a space, but please don’t […]

Lots of new and exciting plans for June

The Isle of Man TT is in full swing and we expect you’re all planning a great week of bikes, thrills and racing. However, once Senior Race Day is over, we’ve got a full programme on Saturday with a number of new classes starting. Here’s what we have planned: 13:00 – 15:00 – .Net User […]

More Python and Arduino

This Saturday we’ll be finished off the Beginner’s Python class and opening up for more Arduino fun in our other classes. There’s lots to do at Code Club at the moment, with Artificial Intellignce demonstrators, 3D printing, radio, soldering and lots of other fun stuff, but we’re expecting this Saturday to be a quiet one. […]

Python functions, Arduino projects and neural networks

This Saturday we’re continuing with our Python class at 3:00pm. We had a great time creating a Magic 8 Ball program last week, and this week we’ll be learning all about Python functions and creating a Guess My Number game. We’ll be following this with further Arduino classes at 4:00pm building some great electronic devices. […]

Python Magic 8-ball, Arduino classes and much more

We’re continuing with our Python series at Code Club this week, putting together a Magic 8-Ball program and using it to learn how Python works and how to build more complex programs. The class has started on a high note and we intend to continue in this vein. We’re also continuing our Arduino classes on […]

Python and Arduino Classes at the Douglas Makerspace

This week, we start a brand new Python class at the Douglas Makerspace, running between 3:00pm and 4:00pm. We’ve had a massive response to this new class and will be running 2 classes simultaneously to accommodate as many people who signed up as we can. For those in the class, if you can bring a laptop […]