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More HTML and starting Roblox Studio

We’re progressing with our HTML/CSS class (between 4:00pm and 5:00pm) and this week will be creating a web page with a recipe on it. This will enable us to explore more of what CSS can offer and introduce new HTML tags for making lists and other elements on a page. I’m pleased to say that […]

HTML and CSS posters

Last week we had our second HTML/CSS class and all students seemed to really enjoy the material. We made a storyboard using HTML and CSS and everyone got a chance at being creative. Some of the students made up jokes and some even ended up with explosive endings! This week we’ll be doing something different. […]

More HTML and Roblox coming back …

We started our HTML/CSS class last Saturday and had a great time with a full class and everyone wanting to learn more about how web pages are built. We have a complete set of classes planned and I’m sure everyone will leave having a better idea of how the web works and how web sites […]

New class at STEAM Lab – Code Club HTML/CSS

We’re starting a new class this Saturday, HTML/CSS for Juniors. It aims to teach students how the web works, how to build web pages and how to tweak existing sites. It’s aimed at 8-12 year olds, but also suitable for older students who would like to understand how the Web works. This is a 12 […]

A bit more Unity

Last Saturday we started off a Unity tutorial in our Code Club session, an introductory tutorial called 2d UFO. We made some great progress, and will be continuing with the tutorial this Saturday between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. We’ve been learning about importing assets into Unity, setting up GameObjects and figuring out how to move them […]

Finishing off Python and looking at Unity

This Saturday at 3:00pm we have our final class of the Intermediate Python class. We’ve been using the Python Next Steps book provide structure to this class and it’s been a great journey of discovery, from using Python online to building desktop applications.  We built a fully-functioning calculator last week and this week we’ll be enhancing […]

Resuming Python and more Raspberry Pi

This Saturday we’ll be resuming out Python series at 3:00pm. We’ve had a little break due to holidays, but it’s time to pick up where we left off and continue our Intermediate Python class. We started working on a GUI based calculator last time and we’ll be continuing using this to learn new concepts, understand how […]

Some more Raspberry Pi

This Saturday we’re planning to have the next session of our Raspberry Pi series between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. This little computer has created a new way for kids to be introduced to computing (well, some would argue it was an old, but forgotten way) and we’re delighted to be be able to help a new […]

A helping of Java and Pi

We’re continuing with our Raspberry Pi exploration sessions this Saturday between 4:00pm and 6:00pm, and we’re opened up a few more places for this session. We have 6 Raspberry Pi stations for people to use, but as we had some no-shows last week, we’ve decided to open a few more places on the basis that […]

Raspberry Pi Masterclass

This Saturday we’re starting something new at Code Club. We’re starting a special Raspberry Pi Masterclass for those interested in learning more about this little device. It’s a series of 4 sessions that starts with the basics of Linux and the Raspberry Pi and works through to building Artificial Intelligence capabilities on this palm-sized computer. […]