This Saturday at 4:00pm the Scratch group will be working on an old favourite: Flappy Parrot! It’s a take on the famous Flappy Bird game, but using Scratch. The project uses collision¬†detection, simulates a physics engine and cloning as a way of instantiating new objects through the lifetime of game. They’re concepts we’ve introduced in previous projects, but we bring them together in a fun way to reinforce some of the learning. This will be followed at 5:00pm by the Advanced Roblox Scripting.

As usual, we’ll be working on a number of other projects around Code Club. Last week we were using the 3D printer to print Pokemon cookie cutters, there’s Lego Mindstorms, people working on coding their own projects and lots of other fun things to do. Oh, and we still have a few copies of the first issue of Hackspace magazine if anyone wants one.

See you Saturday!