This Saturday, we’ll be running our Scratch class as usual at 16:00. This week we’ll be following a project called Dodgeball, which involves creating a platform-based game, complete with obstacles and baddies. It’s good fun, and the class is bound to learn lots of new things. This will be followed by Advanced Roblox Scripting at 17:00 where students are creating their own Roblox world.

We also have the last leg of the CyberCenturion challenge this Saturday. The team has had two intensive sessions (6 hours long) where they had to secure a variety of machines. This session will be similar, though this time the team will be working on Windows 2008, Windows 10 and Ubuntu 14. It’s a long slog, so if can lend any cybersecurity help, drop in and check it out.

One for the adults, this Thursday is Third Thursday, when we hold a Talk Tech lunch at Bar George at 12:30. If you fancy joining us, just pop in or drop me a line. And if you fancy helping when we’re doing at Code Club, maybe you can buy us something off our wishlist: