This Saturday the Scratch class will be building a Paint Box. It’s the next in our series and introduces the concept of cross-object communication. Each of our Scratch lessons builds on the previous one and introduces new ideas. It’s all done in a gentle way, and Code Club students are introduced to how to program in an easy way. The Scratch class is at 4:00pm and will be followed by Roblox Scripting, a class which is actually working quite hard at mastering how to build in Roblox.

In the meantime, our other volunteers are running other activities around Code Club, from 3D printing, to electronics to robotics. There’s usually a selection of things to choose from, and we also still have some HackSpace magazines to give out if you want some ideas for things to do.

One other thing to add, this Thursday is Third Thursday, so there’s a Tech Lunch happening at Bar George at 12:30. Come and join us if you can!

Well, this is our last update before Christmas, so if we don’t see you best wishes from all of us!