Last week the Scratch team built a great Ghostbusters projects and we have more of the same this week.  Our Scratch session this Saturday will be dedicated to building a Chatbot. This introduces our class to decision trees and does so in a fun way. They will be using a sprite with multiple costumes which will carry on a conversation, convey responses with appropriate emotional cues and manipulate its environment based on a user’s responses. We start simple, but these are the same concepts that devices around us (Siri, Amazon Echo etc) use. Should be a great class. If you would like to sign up for our classes, please join us on CoderDojo where you’ll be notified as soon as a new class is announced:

Our CyberCenturion team took part in Round 2 of the contest last Saturday. Here’s an update from them:

We did extremely well, with Adam scoring 61 (21/32) on the Windows 10 Image, and with Xifong scoring 65 (22/34) on the Windows 7 Image & Luka also scoring 65 (23/36) on the Ubuntu 14.04 Image, for a total score of 191 points- which put us in the top 30 I believe- or closeby!

Great work all around. There are 500 teams taking part this year, so Top 30 is right up there!

We have some free copies of HackSpace magazine available at STEAM Lab which will be available this Saturday. In this issue they explore thinking machines, build a trebuchet, learn how Arduino changed the world, see how far we can overclock a Raspberry Pi using liquid nitrogen, and much more. If you pick one up, please let us know if you’d be interested in future issues and we’ll try to arrange for more. We also have a number of Xmas themed soldering projects available. We’re looking for adults to help teach soldering to others and monitor students, so please drop us a line if you can help.

I’d like to pass on some thanks for some donations we’ve received this week, both from our volunteer team and also from our attendees. We’ve had some items purchased off our WishList and also a financial donation which was gratefully received. Every little bit helps, so if you’d like to support what we do, get in touch or buy something from our wishlist: