Now that the mid-term holidays are well and truly over, Code Club is back in full swing with a full programme of activities for this Saturday. At 4:00pm we have the next in our HTML/CSS course, a lesson that sees our students creating a magazine layout using HTML. Like all the Code Club projects, it’s bound to be great fun, with everyone being creative and learning new things. This will be followed at 5:00pm by the Roblox Scripting class. We announced this class a couple of weeks ago and it filled up really quickly, so I’m sure there’s going to be lots of energy and enthusiasm.

We’re always looking for new volunteers at Code Club to help us deliver classes, sessions and training to young and old wanting to take their first steps into coding. We feel Coding is an important skills and everyone should at least understand the basics. If you would like to help us deliver this vision, please get in touch. We can support you with lesson plans, teaching assistance and anything else you may need. We’re also open to new ideas on what we can deliver, so if have a passion you’d like to share, get in touch too.

See you Saturday!