This week at Code Club we’ll be continuing our HTML/CSS class at 4:00pm with a great little lesson where we create graphical stickers in HTML and CSS. It will be a good followup to last week’s lesson where we introduced CSS ids and positioning. The class has been coming on nicely and everyone is starting to grasp the basics of HTML and CSS.

This will be followed at 5:00pm by the first of a new series. Yes, we’re starting a new Roblox Scripting class which is available to book on CoderDojo. This is aimed at students who are already familiar with Roblox Studio and who want to learn how to script for Roblox. Please keep this in mind as this class is not aimed at Roblox beginners. If you want to join our Dojo and sign up for this class, you can do so here:

We’re also looking for new ideas and volunteers for Code Club. If you’re interested in technology, want to share what you know with others and can spare some time, why don’t you get in touch to see if you can help. We have equipment to teach coding, 3D printing, virtual reality, electronics and a host of associated disciplines. Alternatively, you can also help by purchasing something off our wishlist here:

See you Saturday!