Our CodeClub sessions are proceeding in full swing, with HTML/CSS moving onto learning all about hyperlinks this Saturday at 4:00pm and the Roblox Design class at 5:00pm. In the meantime, the volunteer team is getting the Lego Mindstorms kits ready for operation so there’s some robotics happening in the Lab at the same time. If you’re interested in joining in, keep an eye on our CoderDojo page to see what new classes are being announced.

Our Cybersecurity group is growing nicely, with the group meeting on Tuesday evening at 6:00pm. They’re getting ready for the Cybercenturion challenge and we’re delighted that our friends from CND are getting involved in teaching, mentoring and instructing our team. The challenge is open to anyone between 12 and 18 and we’re always looking for new team members. So, if this is of interest, please drop us a line.

This Thursday the WordPress User Group will be meeting at STEAM Lab. This is a monthly meeting for anyone interested or using WordPress to build and manage websites. The inaugural meeting last month was well attended and we have a number of new people sign up for this one too. Should be exciting. If you’re interested in WordPress, you can sign up to join at our Meetup Page.

Interesting in helping out? We’re always looking for new volunteers who can teach and deliver classes. If you want to learn more, drop us a line and we’ll be in touch. You can also help by purchasing something off our Wishlist to help us deliver more classes. And finally, you can now help whenever you buy something online. You can do this through our EasyFundRaising Page where everything you buy online will generate a small commission for Code Club.