Last week we had our second HTML/CSS class and all students seemed to really enjoy the material. We made a storyboard using HTML and CSS and everyone got a chance at being creative. Some of the students made up jokes and some even ended up with explosive endings! This week we’ll be doing something different. Our next lesson will have us building a poster together and will be our first real foray into CSS. Should be great fun, and I’m sure the class will enjoy it!

We’re planning some more classes here at Code Club, with Roblox slated as coming up next, and possibly even some more robotics. So if you’re interested in learning about these classes the minute we set them up, please go ahead and Sign up to our Dojo.

We’re always looking for new classes to deliver at Code Club, so if you’re interested in helping out, if you have some skills you’d like to share, or if you would like to explore some new technology, please get in touch. We’re keen to offer a variety of different topics, from creating software, all the way to wearable technology and everything in between. So if you have an idea for something you’d like to deliver, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.