This Saturday we have another Code Club Open Session like we had last week, with a focus on our Arduino kits. This is an opportunity to come and explore what can be done with an Arduino, learn some electronics and try your hand at making something cool! The Arduino kits we have come with some self-paced sessions, but our volunteers will be on hand to get you started and provide support if you need any. Come along and give it a try!

A couple of announcements for this coming month. We’re having our first WordPress meetup on the 4th of September. If you’re interested in WordPress or use it in some shape and form, came and join us. We’re looking to set up a WordPress User Group and there’s lots to learn and share. We’re also looking to form a Cybersecurity team to take part in this year’s CyberCenturion Challenge. It’s a contest for teenagers interested in cybersecurity and we’re also organising training as well as competition entry this year. If you’re interested, drop me a line at