This Saturday at 3:00pm we have our final class of the Intermediate Python class. We’ve been using the Python Next Steps book provide structure to this class and it’s been a great journey of discovery, from using Python online to building desktop applications.  We built a fully-functioning calculator last week and this week we’ll be enhancing it and adding some more functionality. We also concluded our Raspberry Pi workshops last week, so this week we’re looking to do something new.

The 4:00pm to 6:00pm slot will be dedicated to Unity this week and next. Unity is one of the leading platforms for game development. It lets developers target multiple platforms, from Android to iOS to Playstation and Wii U and everything in between. We will be working our way through one of the Unity Tutorials, the 2D UFO Tutorial and using this as a basis for exploring what Unity can do. If you want to join, you’ll need to bring your own laptop, with Unity installed on it. Please note that this is a self-paced class, aimed at older students with programming experience. To sign up, please Join us on CoderDojo.

I’d like to add a couple of news items for your interest. The BCS is holding an unConference on Open Data this Saturday 5th August starting at 10:00am. It’s a great way to spend the day learning about Open Data from local and visiting speakers, then join us at STEAM Lab after. More details here. We’re also looking to set up a local WordPress User Group. If you’re interested in joining and learning more about WordPress, drop me a line at to be kept updated with details.

On a final note, we’ve updated the STEAM Lab Amazon Wishlist with more items that will help us continue delivering classes and sessions for all those interested in technology. We’re always looking for support and also need individuals who would like to volunteer their time to teach others and learn more in the process. If you feel you can help, drop us a line or check out our wishlist.