This Saturday we’ll be resuming out Python series at 3:00pm. We’ve had a little break due to holidays, but it’s time to pick up where we left off and continue our Intermediate Python class. We started working on a GUI based calculator last time and we’ll be continuing using this to learn new concepts, understand how Python works and build a fully-fledged program. At 4:00pm we’ll be continuing our Raspberry Pi series, moving away from the distro we used last week to something completely new and exciting. We’re building up to building a voice assistant using Raspberry Pi and some extra bits, and we hope you’re learning lots of fun things along the way.

A reminder that Twilight Tech, our Wednesday session for professionals and hobbyists will be running on Wednesday at 6:00pm. This is aimed at adults who work or play in the tech space. It is a place to come and show what you know and explore other areas of technology that you may not normally get exposed to. We’ve done some machine learning, played with some hardware and even explore cryptocurrencies in recent sessions. It’s an open agenda, but always something exciting.

See you soon!