This Saturday we’re starting something new at Code Club. We’re starting a special Raspberry Pi Masterclass for those interested in learning more about this little device. It’s a series of 4 sessions that starts with the basics of Linux and the Raspberry Pi and works through to building Artificial Intelligence capabilities on this palm-sized computer. The class will run between 4:00pm and 6:00pm for the next 4 Saturdays in July. If you’d like to join this class, please sign up at CoderDojo.

What else is happening at STEAM Lab this week? The Wednesday Talk Tech group will be meeting as usual, bringing together technical enthusiasts from all over the Island. They have had sessions on databases, cloud hosting, artificial intelligence and other topics, including an amazing exposition of different keyboards last week. If you work in IT, have an interest in technology or just want to geek out, come and join us at STEAM Lab on Wednesday at 18:00.

A quick word of thanks to those who have contributed to our efforts by buying us something off our Amazon wish list. We’re slowly acquiring kit to allow us to deliver the sessions we are planning and your support is greatly appreciated. It’s amazing to see our wishlist shrink and we are extremely grateful to everyone who has contributed. If you still want to help there are still some more items, so check out our Amazon wish list here.

Just a reminder that there are no Java or Python classes this Saturday.