As June rolls on, our schedule keeps filling up with lots of new and exciting sessions down at our STEAM Lab Makerspace in Douglas. Our classes keep filling up as quickly as we can put them on, and and we understand this can be disappointing if you’re trying to find a space, but please don’t give up as we’re announcing new sessions every week. Our Python, Roblox and Java sessions running on Saturday are fully booked for the next few weeks but we have a few more things we’d like to announce.

Twilight Tech meeting earlier: Our regular Wednesday meet up for adults interested in technology is moving to a 6:00pm to 8:00pm slot. This means that people can join straight from work and also means there’s time to socialise after. A number of people are working on different projects that include machine learning, web scraping, computer vision and other interesting. No booking necessary, just come and join us at STEAM Lab on Wednesday at 18:00

Soldering for Beginners: We’re running a few more sessions for those who would like to learn to solder. These are aimed at young and old but please note that under 18s will need to complete some additional paperwork. These classes are aimed at complete beginners and all materials and tools are provided. Places are filling fast, so if you’re interested, then Join Our Dojo and book a space.

.Net group meeting on Saturday between 13:00 and 15:00: The group started with the purpose of becoming fluent in C# and while this is still an active goal, the ambition of the group has now expanded to include C#, ASP.NET, MVC and cloud-hosted databases and websites using MS Azure. Some HTML5/CSS3/Javascript might be thrown in for good measure! Lots of ground to cover and currently the group focus in on an informal exchange of ideas and knowledge. No booking necessary, just come and join us at STEAM Lab on Saturdayt at 13:00

And on a final note, we’re always looking for volunteers who would like to learn, share and teach. If you have an interest in a particular subject you want to share, or just want to carve some space in your busy week to work on something you’re passionate about, get in touch!