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Python Magic 8-ball, Arduino classes and much more

We’re continuing with our Python series at Code Club this week, putting together a Magic 8-Ball program and using it to learn how Python works and how to build more complex programs. The class has started on a high note and we intend to continue in this vein. We’re also continuing our Arduino classes on Wednesday and Saturday with the groups getting more proficient at building devices, powering LEDs and driving motors. If you’re interested in joining any classes, check out what’s going on by joining our CoderDojo. Instructions at

A couple of announcements for the adults interested in technology out there. We have 2 events on this week, with Twilight Tech on Wednesday at 20:00 meeting in the Douglas Makerspace. The focus will remain on Machine Learning and Computer Vision, with the topic of discussion around building programs that recognise and match images. We also have our Talk Tech on Third Thursday meeting at Bar George. More details here:

Hope you can join us!

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