It’s great to see our members sign up on Coderdojo and enrol for our new classes. They’re filling almost as fast as we can put them up, which means we’re making an effort to open up more new and exciting classes. We now have Arduino classes, Soldering classes, and coding in Python, .Net and Java. These are currently running on Wednesdays and Saturdays at various times. Please note that different classes have specific age requirements, so please book into appropriate classes. If you want to get booked into these classes before anyone else, go ahead and Join our Dojo. More details at:

Our Twilight Tech sessions on Wednesday evening at 8:00pm are also getting more exciting. Last week’s session focussed on Machine Learning and Image Recognition. This Wednesday, the group will progress onto Facial Landmark Identification and Facial Recognition. If you’ve done any work in this space or would like to learn more, come join us at the Douglas Makerspace at 8:00pm this Wednesday.