Last Saturday we had our first session at the Douglas Makerspace, running a Beginner Arduino course with a batch of eager new students. It was a great session, putting our Arduino kits through their paces; with lots of flickering LEDs all around the room, and pages of code on everyone’s machine. The class will be continuing this Saturday as per plan.

This Wednesday, at 6:00pm we’ll be kicking off another Arduino class. This class is full too, which means our attempt to start sessions through the week looks like a great idea. The class is a repeat of the one we’re running on Saturday, and we’ll be repeating the class again next month. So, if you fancy learning how to Code an Arduino, book in here.

We’re also holding a special session this Wednesday. At 8:00pm we’ll have a Security Themed Twilight Code Club. We have just received some brand new penetration testing equipment and will be running an exploratory session to play with this new key between 8:00pm and 10:00pm. If you fancy joining us, come to the Douglas Makerspace at 8:00pm on Wednesday 5th April.

As always, we’re still looking for ideas and suggestions of sessions we can run and volunteers who can share what they know. So if you feel you have something you’re like to share, drop me a line at