Our Arduino classes are continuing this week on Wednesday and Saturday. We’ve managed to fill up 3 classes so far, and are getting ready to announce the next one. And things are getting more exciting in that space too. We’ve been playing with Zumo, a little Arduino controlled bot that has some fantastic capabilities and can be programmed for all sorts of challenges and games. We’re planning to run some follow-on sessions and contests for our Arduino students once we have a few of these.

We’re running another Twilight Session this Wednesday from 8:00pm till late. Last week the focus started with some Cybersecurity devices, but it was a fairly informal session and other subjects ended up on the table, ending up with configuring a brand new firewall for the Makerspace. This Wednesday we’re planning another great session. We still have some security things we can talk about, but we also have a Zumo bot to play with and will be talking about computer vision and how the bot can be programmed to recognise particular objects!