This Saturday we’ll be continuing our classes at Code Club. At 4pm, our HTML/CSS class will be working on a lesson called Sunrise, which is the next in the series of Code Club sessions. This will be followed at 5:00pm by the next session in our Scratch classes. We’ll be running a session called Brain Game which will teach the basics of game mechanics for all our Scratch students.

Besides these classes we also have a number of other activities around Code Club. From 3D printing, to VR headsets, from Lego Mindstorms to wearable technologies, there’s lots to try and experiment with. And we also have a number of projects on the go which you can contribute to. Come and see what we’re up to.

Now, onto the news. As you may have heard, we’re moving away from our Ballasalla location at the end of the month. We’re currently looking at moving to Douglas and running a number of special sessions centered around Arduino, an open-source electronics platform. It’s about time we organised some activities for older students and even adults, and this would be an excellent way for them to engage with us. More about this over the next few days, but we wanted to let everyone know that our plans are coming together and April will be Arduino month!

See you Saturday!