This Saturday we have another packed Code Club session scheduled. At 4pm we’ll be continuing our HTML/CSS class with a session called ‘Stickers’ that will let the class explore colours, styles and all sorts of fun things you can do with CSS. At 5pm we’ll be running the next Scratch class, Dodgeball, which is always a favourite.

In the meantime there will also be other sessions running, including a .Net group, Lego Mindstorms, 3D printers and loads more. There are a number of things to try at Code Club, so it’s worth popping in to see what you can learn.

Just a quick reminder that March 25th will be the last session we have at Barrule House. We’re looking to put together some sessions for teens and adults in the near future, focusing on topics like Unity, Arduino and radio. Watch this space for more news on that soon!