This week at Code Club we’ll be continuing our Scratch and HTML courses with a couple of great sessions. The HTML/CSS class at 4:00pm will be building a virtual world with doors that link from one place to another, while the Scratch class at 5:00pm will be running the always popular ‘Catch the Dots’ project. We’ve always had great feedback to both, so expecting that this will be fun for everyone.

In the meantime, our .Net group, Lego Mindstorms and Makerspace will be in full swing. We’ll also be making available our 3D printers, VR headsets, robots and other bits of kit that are all designed to excite and inspire.

Just another reminder that we’ll be leaving Ballasalla at the end of the month and the 25th will be our last Saturday day. We’re currently creating a new space in Douglas and are working to provide a set of new classes in different locations around the island. Watch this space as this is where we’ll be announcing what we’re planning!