March is coming to an end, and with this so will our stay at Barrule House in Ballasalla. It has been a great location for delivering classes and growing our community, but it’s time for us to look at other ways of delivering our classes and sessions. We’re running an Arduino class in Douglas next, and it’s almost already fully booked!

This Saturday we have an HTML/CSS class at 4:00pm that will be building Pixel Art and a Scratch class at 5:00pm working on the Clone Wars project. They’re both fun sessions, and a great way to bring our classes to a close. We’ll also have other activities around Code Club, but most of our focus will be on packing away our kit and kaboodle and getting it ready to pack away or transport to our new Douglas location.

The new Douglas Makerspace is taking shape, so you’ll be hearing about that soon, but in the meantime, keep an eye on our website and Facebook page, as this is where we’ll be announcing our next set of classes and sessions!

See you Saturday!