As we roll into December, we should be seeing more of a festive glow around Code Club. So as the new Makerspace starts taking shape there’s going to be room for more glowing LEDs and maybe even 3D printed decorations. Anyone up for a challenge?

This Saturday, we’ll be carrying on with our Scratch class: Catch The Dots is next. We’re down to our last 3 classes, so will finish just in time for Christmas. We already have a full waiting list for the next class, so will be starting a repeat of this class in January. We’re also planning an HTML/CSS class to run alongside this, so if you’re interested in this, get your name down!

We won’t have a Linux class this week, but the systems the group were working on will be available for use. And as always, the 3D printer, Code Bus, Robotics room and Makerspace will be open to learn and explore

See you Saturday!