This Saturday we’re planning another great session at Code Club. We’ll be continuing the Scratch course at 4:00pm with a session where we will be creating a Memory Game for all to learn and play. Our projects will start to get a bit more complex now that we’re past the half-way point, but they will also be more rewarding. Should be great! We’ll also have our Linux session at 5:00pm with more to learn and more to do.

Besides all this, we’ll have robotics, Lego Mindstorms, VR, 3d printers and a host of other technology available for learning and experimenting. Come and have a try of our technology, see what you can learn and see what you can show others. There’s lots for everyone to try.

Just one note: The Code Bus will be reserved for the Cybercenturion team who have their first competition session this Saturday. Let’s all keep our fingers cross for them!