This Saturday we’ll be following the same pattern of previous Saturdays, with a Scratch class at 4:00pm followed by Linux at 5:00pm. The Scratch class will be working on a project called Brain Game which is a quiz based game pulling together a number of techniques learnt in previous projects. This Linux group will be continuing their Linux builds and find out more of what Linux can offer. Besides all this, the Code Bus will be open, the makerspace and robotics spaces will have lots of things to try out and experiment with.

We’re starting to prepare what courses we’re going to be running in the New Year. We already have a full waiting list for a repeat of our popular Scratch class, but are also looking for interest in other subjects. We have an HTML & CSS class, a Python class and a PHP class which have a bit of interest but are looking for more to fill in the class. If there’s anything you’d like to learn, please drop me a line at so that we can gauge interest.